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Hooksett Special Election

On March 10th, Hooksett Voters have a choice.

About Republican Candidate Elliot Axelman:

  • Moved to Hooksett in 2017 with the goal of supporting efforts for NH to secede from the United States

  • Wants to abolish medicare, and cut funding for critical services 

  • Does not believe in public schools, claims that they are part of a plot to brainwash our kids

Axelman has very publicly shared his radical views online for years, but when voters called him out for it he deleted his twitter account and many controversial blog posts. See screenshots of some of his deleted tweets below.

Warning: some language is graphic.

1. Axelman compared democracy to gang rape
2. Axelman wants New Hampshire to secede from the United States
3. Axelman wants to abolish Medicare & the Department of Homeland Security--which is charged with keeping America safe from terrorist threats and securing our border
4. Axelman called Global Warming "the biggest hoax in human history"
5. Axelman compared same-sex marriage to pedophilia
6. Axelman thinks that he is above the law, but he wants to make laws for you