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Committee to Elect House Democrats (CEHD) Leaders

CEHD is the campaign side of the House Dems. It is the only group solely dedicated to electing and maintaining a Democratic majority in the NH House. To achieve this end, we recruit, train, and support house candidates. 
Leadership Team
Rep. Douglas Ley (Jaffrey)
Rep. Mary Jane Wallner (Concord)
Rep. Steve Shurtleff (Penacook)
Speaker of the House
Members of the Committee
Rep. Susan Almy (Lebanon)
Rep. Anita Burroughs (Bartlett)
Rep. Ed Butler (Hart's Location)
Rep. David Cote (Nashua)
Rep. David Doherty (Pembroke)
Rep. Sue Ford (Easton)
Rep. Mary Heath (Manchester)
Rep. Patty Lovejoy (Stratham)
Rep. Dave Luneau (Hopkinton)
Rep. Jim Mackay (Concord)
Rep. Joelle Martin (Milford)
Rep. Sue Mullen (Bedford)
Rep. Mel Myler (Concord)
Rep. Sharon Nordgren (Hanover)
Rep. Marjorie Porter (Hillsborough)
Rep. Dianne Schuett (Pembroke)
Rep. Suzanne Smith (Holderness)
Rep. Brian Sullivan (Grantham)
Rep. Craig Thompson (Harrisville)
Rep. Lucy Weber (Walpole)
Rep. Matt Wilhelm (Manchester)
Staff contact: 
Rachael Thomeer,
House Caucus Director
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