Leadership Team
Rep. Steve Shurtleff (Penacook)
Speaker of the House
Rep. Lucy Weber (Walpole)
Speaker Pro Tempore
Rep. Karen Ebel (New London)
Deputy Speaker
Rep. Douglas A. Ley (Jaffrey)
Majority Leader
Rep. Marjorie Porter (Hillsborough)
Deputy Majority Leader
Rep. Mary Heath (Manchester)
Majority Floor Leader
Rep. Rebecca McBeath (Portsmouth)
Deputy Majority Floor Leader
Assistant Majority Leaders
Rep. Jane Beaulieu (Manchester)
Rep. Paul Berch (Westmoreland)
Rep. Susan Ford (Easton)
Rep. Willis Griffith (Manchester)
Rep. Wayne Moynihan (Dummer)
Rep. William Pearson (Keene)
Assistant Majority Floor Leaders
Rep. Michael Cahill (Newmarket)
Rep. Erika Connors (Manchester)
Rep. Patricia Cornell (Manchester)
Rep. Tamera Le (North Hampton)
Rep. Dennis Malloy (Greenland)
Rep. Latha Mangipudi (Nashua)
Rep. Linda Tanner (Georges Mills)
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